Our focus is not to provide a single program that can reach all of the young adults in crisis, but rather is to provide a wide intervention, encompassing multiple life domains, customized to meet the life needs of select individuals at risk that are transitioning to adulthood.

Foster Alumni (all kds that have experienced parental disruption) are especially vulnerable to fail without healthy family relationships. We strive to guide our community network of volunteers to nurture our thinly rooted kids by building mentoring relationships and fill the voids that have been left through dislocated family. Relationships from our community network of volunteers nurture deeper growth and confidence in our Alumni which in turn enables successful growth.

 It may be overused, but that doesn’t make it untrue...
“It takes a village to raise a child.”

It also takes concerted teamwork to help them become happy and healthy adults.

No one person can provide for all of the needs of one child. We call upon our network, the members of our community, to step up to fill in the gaps of these unique young adults.


PWL.NETworks has the following purpose...

To educate and assist the Ohio Valley region, especially the individual and his family, to promote healthy decisions by providing information, council, resources and expertise that address, among other things, a healthy and successful community through the physical, cognitive, economic, spiritual, moral, emotional and relational development of its members, by means that include, but are not limited to consultations, presentations, mentoring, newsletters, internet web sites, and printed materials.


PWL programs are described as followed.....


Project "We" Living (housing program)
Planning a Worthwile Lifestyle (career/life goal planning and implimentation strategy)
Practicing a Working Living (education and work mentoring programs)
Parenting With Love (parenting skills training)
Pancakes With Lingonberries (cooking and independent living skills)
Phinacial Wisdom Lessons (financial planning)
Philosophy of Wholy Love (spiritual studies)
Producing Wonderful Legacy (community responsibility)
Preventing Wilting Leaves (therapeautic program)
Paired With Lunkheads? (relationship building program)
Planting Watering Living (community design/build services)
Programming Web Language (community IT services)


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